Leslie Harp cropWho is Leslie J. Wyatt? That’s a complex question to answer. A disciplined, passionate writer who has been fitting words together like puzzle pieces for almost 20 years, she is also an intentional wife to a wonderful husband, a stellar mom of six amazing kids, and a faithful friend. Ask her what drives her work, and you’ll hear words like, “Honor”. “Justice”. “Peace”. While these words define her, they cannot limit her.

Who is Leslie J. Wyatt? She’s a lover. She’s a lover of whatever’s just around the corner, of the field beyond the fenceline, of the uncharted discoveries just ahead. She’s a lover of quiet, of solitude, of mindful moments. She’s a lover of cats, horses, coconut, and cappuccinos.

Most of all, she’s a strong woman content to bloom, seen or unseen, in the paths and pleasant places of her life as she continues to grow in her craft and in her life.

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