Justice. Peace. Connection. The themes that drive Leslie’s work.


Nature window

The year was 1994. Leslie J. Wyatt, a homeschooling mom of six with a longtime love of words, enrolled in The Institute of Children’s Literature flagship course, “Writing for Children and Teenagers.” Not long after, she sold her first story to Nature Friend Magazine. “Cat Fishing” was quickly succeeded by a sale to the prestigious Cricket magazine, and her path was set. In the early morning hours before the smaller family members awoke, she wrote  stories, articles, poems, and books. There were plenty of rejections along the way, but plenty of acceptances, too.

Fast-forward more than twenty years. Leslie’s writing credits are too numerous to list. Her second book, River Rats, was released by Royal Fireworks Press 2013  and  her third, Flight of the Cliffbird, is in the final stages with a projected May 2015 publication date. In addition to these as well as articles and stories published in multiple anthologies and magazines, her blog, www.journeywithhonor.blogspot.com has become a favorite for many.

Leslie still gets up early to write, but now her kids are nearly grown, and she’s writing about everything from hobby farming to character development. She enjoys many aspects of writing including mentoring and editing, speaking about her books, giving workshops, and empowering others to express themselves through the magic of words.

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