cliff bird


Mesa VerdeLeslie’s work-in-progress is her third historical fiction for middle graders, which is under contract with Royal Fireworks Press.


In the high desert country of southwestern Colorado, a lofty green mesa towers above the Mancos and the Montezuma valleys. Mesa Verde, (Spanish for Green Table), is carved by canyons and blanketed with juniper, pinyon trees and sagebrush. This area was once home to the Ancestral Puebloans—the Hisatsinom, or Long-ago People.

Halfway between earth and sky, in a place where eagles soar and quiet reigns, their dwellings still nestle beneath the cap rock of the canyons. Here at the mesa, this people—rich in culture and wise in their knowledge of the earth—once farmed and hunted, built homes, temples, and irrigation systems, and raised their families. Circa 1300 A.D., they began a great migration and within the span of a few short years the Colorado plateau lay deserted. But recorded in the masonry of their dwellings and the thousands of artifacts they left behind, are life stories long untold.

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