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“Three Homegrown Treats for Farm Babies”

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“7 Chickens to Raise for Colored Eggs”  Hobby Farms,

Barnyard Babies: 5-Step Guide to Interspecies Co-Housing” 

“Design a Chicken Tractor for Broilers”

 “”7 Kitchen Pitfalls (and How to Fix Them)

“Chicken Feeders and Waterers: A Buyer’s Guide”

“Wide-row Wisdom” Hobby Farms, Jan/Feb 2014

“In Search of Impeccable Characters” Children’s Writer, January 2014

“We’re all just People: Building Great Editor-Writer Relationships” Writer’s Guide 2014

“Close to Home: Try a Regional Press” Children’s Writer Newsletter, Sept. 2013

“Grazing the Genetic Code” Hobby Farms, May/June 2013

“Middle Grade Literature: A Widening but Still Innocent World” Children’s Writer Newsletter, July 2013

“Once-a-day Milk Cows Hobby Farms, Jan/Feb 2013

Introduce Yourself the LOI Way” Children’s Writer Newsletter Feb 2013

Creative Cycles: A Time To Write “Children’s Writer Newsletter Jan 2013

Obsatcles: Too Little, Too Large, or Just Right” Children’s Writer Newsletter December 2012

Maximize Your Writing Productivity“, Writer’s Guide 2013

“Make Me Care: The Why and How of Querying Non-fiction” Children’s Writer Aug 2012

“The Day I Didn’t go to the Pool” Cricket May 2012